Now We're Cooking

The course is divided into six classes, described below. The classes are optimized for delivery in two hours taught one time per week over six weeks as part of an after school program.

  1. Kitchen Safety – Knife Skills

    Students learn about typical knifes used in the kitchen, with a particular focus on paring and chef knifes. Students learn how to safely handle knifes to slice and dice produce and other ingredients. Menu includes a choice of chopped salad or vegetable soup based on season.

  2. Sauté and Browning Technique

    Students learn the difference between browning and sautéing as they prepare Salisbury steak with a French onion sauce.

  3. Shopping 101

    Students learn about quick and nutritious ways to serve pasta and prepare one or two quick seasonal sauces. Students learn the importance of creating a shopping list to meet their budget, quality and menu ideas based on the current season.

  4. What's in the Oven

    Students review baking vs. roasting, and discuss dishes that can be cooked in the oven. They prepare a roast chicken and vegetable dish.

  5. Table Etiquette

    Students learn the basics of table etiquette, such as table setting, course order, passing and serving. They will prepare a simple three-course seasonal meal with such menu items as pork chops, salad and baked apples.

  6. Celebration– Light buffet

    Students celebrate the completion of class and prepare a light snack buffet, including stuffed mushrooms and goat cheese terrine. This class is ideal for inviting parents or others to join in.